The Atkinson Center encourages other groups to employ our graphic identity to promote appropriate collaborations and projects we sponsor, whether in documents, posters, events, presentations, or on the web. The images below are reduced for display on this page (and may appear pixellated) - click the links to see or download full-size versions.

Please email to let us know when you use these images - we may be able to augment your publicity through our website and other communications channels.

ACSF Identity Graphics

These images can be resized as necessary for word processing files, posters, and such. Our identity should always be displayed in conjunction with the Cornell logo. If the Cornell logo is already present, please use the graphic without it.

With Cornell Logo:

Without Cornell Logo:

ACSF Unit Signature

Official Use

These images should be used on official, high-profile documents, usually on the back page: 




ACSF Word Templates