About the AVF

ACSF's Academic Venture Fund (AVF) is designed to stimulate new, original, multidisciplinary research at Cornell in sustainability science, emphasizing work having the potential to involve external partners such as industry, government, foundations and other non-governmental organizations. Each year, ACSF seeks proposals from Cornell faculty across all Colleges and Schools and encompassing all disciplines contributing to sustainability.

The Academic Venture Fund is supported by generous contributions from David and Patricia Atkinson, Kathleen Marble, and the colleges.

Brown tide off coast of Texas

Harmful algal bloom (HAB) off the coast of Texas

2014 Funding Cycle

The Center invites proposals for its next Academic Venture Fund program:

  • The AVF Proposal Process is now closed.
  • Request for Proposals (PDF) outlines the process.
  • 2014 Letters of Intent (LOI) are available online for those with Cornell NetIds.
  • Selections will be announced in May, 2014.

External Collaborations

The Academic Venture Fund is intended for projects within Cornell. Interested external organizations should contact David Dieterich (ACSF Executive-in-Residence &
Director, Strategic Collaborations).

Reporting Guidelines for PI's

2013 Awards

ACSF selected nine projects for the 2013 AVF Awards:


2012 Awards

ACSF selected ten projects for the 2012 AVF Awards:


2011 Awards

ACSF selected ten projects for the 2011 AVF awards



2008 Awards

ACSF awarded approximately $800,000 in 2008, its first AVF Cycle. These grants were awarded for 7 research projects and 5 workshops:

Proposals: an online application will be available in early March. Proposals must be received no later than March 24, 2014.